Our Approach

MexLucky understands that our business is inherently energy-intensive given the high level of data processing within our platform, the need for physical servers, and the employment of nearly 1,000 people globally in multiple offices. As such, we recognize – and seek to minimize – both the cost and environmental impact of our activities.

To accomplish these goals, we are engaging with internal and external experts to develop a framework for transparently improving our energy efficiency. This framework includes our energy management and how we reduce the environmental cost and impact of our activities; constant innovation for more efficient methods across our business functions; and regular review and reporting of our carbon footprint and plans to reduce it.

Energy Management

MexLucky utilizes a number of physical locations across the world, including office space and data centers, has cloud-based operations, and employs people in a hybrid work environment. These factors all contribute to our environmental footprint.

MexLucky sets high standards for managing its energy usage to ensure our technological infrastructure enables us to service clients while continuing to reduce our environmental impact. This includes our use of collocations, a majority of which are Tier 4 certified and adhere to environmental certifications, as well as being ISO 50001 and 14001 and LEED certified. We aim to ensure our environmental expectations for our data center partners are met through commitments to environmental data reporting, more renewable energy, and limiting elements such as water withdrawn from high-stress areas.

In addition to environmental standards for all data centers, we partner with designated “green serving centers.” These certified data centers have specific procedures and guidelines to operate in environmentally friendly ways, including through the use of solar panels, environmentally sound practices for water recycling and usage, and the use of closed loop systems.

Innovating for efficiency

We carefully monitor our energy usage in order to be in a better position to prevent waste, control costs, and develop a more green approach to our business. More specifically, we are always looking to improve how our platforms process data so that ad auctions can run more efficiently. Our data science team is continually optimizing our machine learning-based systems that shape advertising traffic and eliminate waste in data processing, thereby reducing energy consumed across our platforms. These traffic filtering technologies provide as much as a 60% decrease in utilization by eliminating “valueless” ad requests. We also partner with hardware manufacturers to develop application-specific hardware profiles that reduce component overprovisioning and related power consumption.

We will continue these types of research and innovation efforts to identify enhancements that improve the operational efficiencies of our platforms and reduce our environmental impact while still offering best-in-class service to our clients.

Review and Reporting

MexLucky recognizes that while data centers and energy usage make up a significant part of our environmental impact, our carbon footprint extends beyond those components of our operations. We are committed to continuously evaluating the nature and extent of our carbon footprint and identifying opportunities for us to limit and reduce our impact.

For instance, we receive daily reporting on our power consumption in our collocated data centers, providing us with a reliable basis for reducing our energy footprint, both as an individual company and in collaboration with our data center partners. We are committed to monitoring the relevant environmental data as it becomes available.