Streaming TV’s New Era

Embracing Ad-Supported Streaming Across Screens in Southeast Asia

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Ad-supported streaming in Southeast Asia has reached critical mass. Viewers’ engagement with streaming content is stronger than ever and their relationship with streaming services continues to mature and evolve.

Ad-Supported Streaming Services Deliver Scale

TV viewers in Southeast Asia are embracing ad-supported streaming services, closing the gap with traditional TV viewers.

Q: Which of these services do you use to watch TV shows and films?
Base: Total respondents
Source: Magnite

Cross-Screen Consumption Delivers Better Outcomes

Ad-supported viewers are consuming TV content across devices, with increasing use of smart TVs. In a typical week, 67% of this audience watch content on a smart TV always/most of the time, compared to 82% who watch on a smartphone.

94% of ad-supported streamers in Southeast Asia are more likely to make a purchase from a brand they engaged with across multiple devices (TV, mobile, desktop, etc.).

Q: To what extent do you agree with “I am more likely to make a purchase from a brand that I have engaged with across multiple devices (TV, Mobile, Desktop etc.).” T2B
Base: Ad-supported streamers
Source: Magnite

Streaming Services Are an Effective Channel for Brands

Streaming’s premium environment delivers impact to brands. 90% of ad-supported streamers said they have discovered new products and services as a result of seeing ads on streaming platforms and 68% took action. Streaming services also outperform videos on social media at different stages of the purchase journey.

Q: When you see ads while watching streaming services/within social media video, how often do you do the following? Always/almost always/frequently
Source: Magnite

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